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Why do we need motivation?


It's kind of fascinating to see how our lives are connected to our emotions and how our emotions are connected to our motivation for actions. Emotions are what actually drives our actions. They are the ones who design our motive for actions both in the short term and in the long term. And the uniqueness of our personalities also lies in the different ways we express our emotions. Some cry when they are sad, others start eating when they are depressed. So it's safe to say that emotion is the motivation for actions. Motivation has the power to change our state of mind. It has the power to keep us focused on our goals.

We are so unique that the type of things that motivate us are also of unique nature. Some get motivated by anger. Some get motivated by past experiences. Some even get motivated by smaller successes that they achieve while working towards a big goal. But we all need motivation even if we claim we don't. Because they are the driving force when it comes to actions. It's not necessary that the only way to get ourselves motivated for a goal is to spend some money and attend a seminar or listen to some speaker. Motivation can come in any form what so ever depending upon your personality. And a different type of action requires a different type of motivation as well. For example, You might need visualization ( to which I will come later ) to motivate yourself for monetary success. But you do not necessarily need a visualization for working out and keeping in shape.


Now that we know that we all need motivation for actions, we will look at some of the techniques that can be used to motivate yourself by yourself. They are not in a particular order. Remember, motivation is just like fuel for a car. You will run out of it after some time. So you will have to motivate yourself on a regular basis.

- Remind yourself of your goals

We all tend to lose focus after spending some time on a goal. We tend to get relaxed and start taking it easy. To stay focused on a task and stay motivated for it, we must remind ourselves of our goal. every day. To keep ourselves on our toes we must remind ourselves of our goals and also keep in mind that why our goal is important. Some people do it by writing it on their work desk, others do it by telling their inner-self. Choose whatever suits you.

- Visualize

We as homosapiens have this unique gift that we are able to imagine things. To see the things that we want to achieve. To see the future in the way that we want it to be. This can be used for motivation as well. Take time to imagine accomplishments. It can get you in the right frame of mind when working towards your goals gets you motivated for the tasks ahead.

- Reward yourself

The reward has a hidden motivation in it. People put on more effort if they know that there is a reward for it. You have to reward yourself for your smaller achievements. This will get you motivated enough to work harder and achieve your goals. A reward can be anything you like.

There are many more ways in which one can motivate him\herself. I have shared a few. If you have any new techniques for motivation, feel free to share them in the comments.

Stay blessed and stay happy

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